Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Reluctant Heiress - Sara Orwig (HD #2176 - Aug 2012)

Series: Lone Star Legacy (Book 2) 

Her Birthright, His Billions 
The illegitimate daughter of a late Texas billionaire, Sophia Rivers stands to inherit a fortune. But the stubborn woman doesn't want a penny of it. As financial advisor to the wealthy Delaney family, Garrett Cantrell has to convince Sophia to accept her inheritance. If she doesn't, her half brothers will lose their billions. So he introduces himself as a local businessman and starts softening her up, talking to her about family, loyalty and love. But the proud beauty has no idea who he really is. And the truth may cost him his heart. 

Very good book.  Sophia wants nothing to do with her father's money or her half brothers.  She has refused to have any contact with them.  So they ask their friend Garrett to meet with her and convince her, without telling her who he is.  He met her at her art gallery and was immediately attracted to her.  As he spent the next few days getting to know her, he felt more and more guilty about deceiving her.  After a weekend together when they gave in to their attraction, he tells her the truth.  Sophia is hurt and furious and wants nothing more to do with him.  After she has a chance to cool down and think about the things he said to her, she starts to see things differently.  I loved the conclusion and the way her brothers made her feel so welcome.  I liked Garrett very much and thought that his reluctance to lie to Sophia was great.  I was very happy to see that he didn't let it go on too long.  It was a bit frustrating to see him not want to commit to a true relationship with Sophia until it was almost too late.  I liked Sophia also. Her stubbornness regarding her inheritance and meeting her brothers was something that did not do her any good, even though it was somewhat understandable.  She had been terribly hurt by her father's attitude and thought her brothers would be just like him.  I was glad to see that the things Garrett told her made a difference to her attitude.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

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